A Simple Guide To Uncover The Hidden Diabetes Complication Often Overlooked

The big—and costly—diabetes complication you may not know about…

It is well known that people with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, stroke, and kidney failure due to their condition. However, diabetes has another overlooked complication: diabetic foot complications such as diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs).

These seemingly minor complications can go unnoticed until they become significant problems: diabetic amputations. And once they cause amputations, they have devastating effects on patient’s lives and the nation’s health care system.

Over 37 million Americans live with diabetes, and it costs $327 billion annually. 1 However, the cost skyrockets in the presence of DFUs, surpassing expenses for the five most costly cancers 2 — a whopping $100 billion.3

Our latest eBook, The Big Diabetes Complication That’s Flying Under the Radar, explores the intricate details of this pressing issue. Discover everything about diabetic foot complications, including their impact on patients, healthcare providers, and payors.

What’ you’ll learn:

  • How the problem manifests
  • Why it’s so critical
  • How you can address this issue, affecting 11.6 million Americans annually4

Topics include:

  • Diabetic Foot Complications and the Body
  • The True Cost of Diabetic Foot Complications
  • The Underserved Patient Population with Diabetic Foot Complications
  • The Power of Prevention: Catching Diabetic Foot Complications Earlier
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