Help stop diabetic foot complications in the living room.
Not the operating room.

With Podimetrics, you can empower your patients to protect their mobility in a new, easy and effective way.

A clinically proven approach that fits smoothly into real patient lives.

Podimetrics works like an extension of your practice, a personalized touchpoint right in the home of your at-risk patients. We wrap proven, patient-friendly remote monitoring personalized support, under your direction. This unique model creates the patient affinity and program adherence necessary to help ensure:

Monitor foot temperature over time

Alert to early signs of inflammation

Rapidly respond to help reduce inflammation before complications start

Support patients and their providers, every step of the way

Patient Adherence Rates

86% of patients using Podimetrics
scanned at least 3 days a week (avg)2
70% of patients using Podimetrics
remained engaged at one year3

Podimetrics meets at-risk patients where they are to create better outcomes.

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In the U.S., a limb is amputated due to diabetes every 4 minutes3

DFUs are the #1 cause of lower extremity amputations.4

To Hope

97% of DFUs detected 5 weeks before wound opening5

46% reduction in all DFUs6

91% reduction in severe DFUs6

71% reduction in all diabetic amputations6

Spending millions on diabetic foot complications is not a solution. Podimetrics is.

Our team is here to help and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to being in touch with you.

Solution Features

FDA-cleared SmartMat™

Easy to set up and use, scans feet in only 20 seconds/day

Thermometry-based monitoring and alerts

Clinically proven to help detect earliest signs of inflammation

Seamless provider collaboration

  • Automatic alerts, updates and personalized reporting for each enrolled member
  • Two-way communication as needed to tailor interventions to your plan of care

Customizable patient support options as needed to best fit your member population and plan structure.

  • Assisted program enrollment
  • Monitoring and engagement calls
  • Inflammation alerts
  • Proactive, supported remediation

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