Protecting your mobility starts at home. We’ll meet you there.

Meet Podimetrics — the easiest way to watch out for your foot health and help avoid complications. Give us just 20 seconds a day, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Helping you avoid foot complications is as easy as 1-2-3


Step here to scan your feet for just 20 seconds a day. Your In-home SmartMat™

  • Fits right into your space
  • Rated “easy to use” by 88% of patients1

Podimetrics watches out for your feet

  • Monitoring your foot temperature
  • Alerting to early signs of inflammation

Patient Support Experts step in when you need us

If an alert is triggered:

  • We contact you directly* with expert guidance for preventing complications
  • We follow up on all signs of inflammation throughout the recovery process

*Depending on your health plan and provider

What makes
Podimetrics so special?

We Choose Hope

Solution Features

FDA-cleared SmartMat™

Easy to set up and use, scans feet in only 20 seconds/day

Thermometry-based monitoring and alerts

Clinically proven to help detect earliest signs of inflammation

Seamless provider collaboration

Automatic alerts, updates and personalized reporting for each enrolled member

Two-way communication as needed to tailor interventions to your plan of care

Customizable patient support options As needed to best fit your member population and plan structure.

  • Assisted program enrollment
  • Monitoring and engagement calls
  • Inflammation alerts
  • Proactive, supported remediation

Choose mobility. Choose freedom.

Choose better outcomes. Choose science. Choose lower healthcare costs. Choose friendly. Choose fewer amputations. Choose clinically proven technology. 
Choose 1:1 support. Choose quality of life.

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1. Frykberg, et al. Diabetes Care 2017.