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PRESS RELEASE: Podimetrics Raises $13.4 Million to Expand Innovative Solution for Diabetes Complications

May 9, 2019

Podimetrics announces a $13.4 million Series B funding round to expand our leading solution to help prevent costly & deadly diabetic foot ulcers. READ PRESS RELEASE.

Podimetrics honored as winner in the 2018 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA)

June 12, 2018

Podimetrics today announced that the Podimetrics Remote Temperature Monitoring (RTM) System has been selected as the Bronze Winner in the Rehabilitation and Assistive-Technology Products category of the 20th Annual Medical Design Excellence Awards competition. The 2018 winning products were announced at the MDEA Ceremony held Tuesday, June 12, 2018 in conjunction with MD&M East at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

The Podimetrics RTM System employs a “telemedicine mat” and an online portal for clinical decision support to monitor foot temperature for detecting signs of inflammation in the feet, which may lead to complications like diabetic foot ulcers. The system has a “great form factor and integration of electronics/algorithms,” noted juror Eric Richardson, associate teaching professor at Rice University.

The MDEA's are the medical technology industry’s premier design competition committed to searching for the world’s highest caliber finished medical devices, products, systems, or packaging available on the market. The awards program celebrates the achievements of the medical device manufacturers, their suppliers, and the many people behind the scenes—engineers, scientists, designers, and clinicians—who are responsible for the cutting-edge products that are saving lives; improving patient healthcare; and transforming medtech—one innovation at a time. Other 2018 winners include Eli Lilly and Company, Ethicon US LLC, Medtronic Inc., and DePuy Synthes Companies.

The 2018 MDEA Juror Panel selected 42 exceptional finalists in nine medical technology product categories. Products were judged based on design and engineering innovation; function and user-related innovation; patient benefits; business benefits; and overall benefit to the healthcare system. Unlike other design competitions that are merely styling contests, the MDEA jury is comprised of a balance of practicing doctors, nurses, and technicians alongside industrial designers, engineers, manufacturers, and human factors experts. For more information about the Medical Design Excellence Awards—including additional details about the manufacturers and suppliers that created the 2017 MDEA-winning products—visit the MDEA website at or e-mail:

Research presented on Podimetrics RTM System at the 78th Scientific Session of the American Diabetes Association

Dr. Ian Gordon, Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at UC Irvine and Chief of Vascular Service at Long Beach VA Medical Center, presented his research on the accuracy of the Podimetrics RTM System in very high risk cohorts at the 78th Scientific Session of the American Diabetes Association. Specifically, Dr. Gordon reported no degradation in predictive accuracy for diabetic foot ulcers in patients who have history of foot amputation and patients who have recently healed from a foot ulcer. This is an important finding because these patients are at very high risk for recurrence. This is the first research to focus on the accuracy of and optimal thresholds for temperature monitoring with the RTM System in these high-risk patients. This represents an important validation of the RTM System. As Dr. Gordon concluded, "thermometry is appropriate for monitoring patients with recently-healed diabetic foot ulcer or partial lower extremity amputation, although different monitoring thresholds may be required."

Poster on Podimetrics RTM System Wins Second Place

Dr. Adam Isaac, a podiatric surgeon with Kaiser Permanente/Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group, presents his research at the 2018 Diabetic Limb Salvage Conference and receives a second place award in the conference's abstract competition. His abstract, Angiosomal Interpretation of Dermal Thermometry in Patients at High Risk for Diabetic Foot Ulcers, explores the clinical value of thermograms and how to identify patterns and areas of inflammation. Thermograms, or temperature maps of the feet, are a unique feature of the Podimetrics RTM System. According to the conclusion of the abstract, thermograms "may provide a helpful framework for interpreting daily remote temperature data, potentially enabling tailored interventions and reduction of incidence." The research collaboration between Podimetrics and Dr. Isaac analyzes temperature data from Podimetrics' landmark study.

Podimetrics at Desert Foot 2017

Dr. Gary Rothenberg hosts an interactive workshop session titled "Podimetrics Smart Mat: Preventative Foot Care in Practice" which highlights cases of successful clinical deployment within the VA and demos of the RTM System. Dr. Jonathan Bloom presents a symposium talk which reviews evidence supporting clinical use of thermometry as well as Podimetrics' landmark study. Four posters detail cases in which the RTM System was successfully used in the VA: one on a multi-modal approach for preventing recurrence of a large wound, one on the value of early detection for a chronic wound, one on monitoring the resolution of Charcot arthropathy, and one on detecting acute injuries for early intervention.

Podimetrics on the Cover of Podiatry Management

Drs. Begur and Frykberg discuss the Podimetrics RTM System in the November 2017 edition of Podiatry Management in an article titled "Prevention of Lower Extremity Amputations". The authors note that appropriate and timely care may be able to prevent approximately 60% of all lower extremity amputations not secondary to trauma. In reviewing the results from our landmark study, they conclude that "the high adherence rate by patients and the extremely high detection rate... can make a significant difference in the success of amputation prevention programs."

Accolades for Poster on RTM System at SAWC Conference

The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) recognizes Dr. Amanda Killeen's poster as the highest scoring case series during its fall meeting. The poster, "Remote Temperature Monitoring in Diabetic Foot Ulcer Detection", follows three high-risk patients with history of foot ulcers, poorly-controlled diabetes, and peripheral neuropathy. The poster concludes that for all three cases, use of the RTM System "resulted in early identification of inflammation and prompted clinical evaluation and intervention."

NEJM Article Recommends Thermometry to Prevent Recurrent Ulcers

Dr. David Armstrong's New England Journal of Medicine review article, titled "Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Their Recurrence", discusses the enormous burden of reulceration and the promise of prevention to reduce morbidity, mortality, and resource utilization. Although Armstrong and colleagues recommend remote temperature monitoring of inflammation to guide interventions for patients with a history of foot ulcers, they highlight several barriers to adoption, which they note may be addressed by "use of newer-generation 'smart mats'", referencing Podimetrics' landmark study.

PRESS RELEASE: Podimetrics Announces Publication in Diabetes Care

Podimetrics publishes a landmark study in Diabetes Care, the world's highest-ranked journal devoted to diabetes research and treatment. The study details the accuracy of the Podimetrics RTM System, which was found to have 97% sensitivity in predicting the emergence of diabetic foot ulcers on average five weeks prior to clinical presentation. Early detection allows clinicians to intervene sooner and may prevent adverse consequences associated with diabetic foot ulcers. In addition, the study suggests high adherence to daily use of the mat, with 88% of respondents reporting that it is easy-to-use. READ PRESS RELEASE.

Poster on RTM System Showcased at SAWC

Dr. Jaminelli Banks presents a poster entitled "Implementation of a Remote Temperature Monitor for the Prevention of Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Case Series of 5 Patients" at the spring meeting of the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC). The case series details the ways inflammation may manifest on the thermograms, or foot temperature maps, recorded by the Podimetrics RTM System. The authors conclude that "the availability of thermograms may provide useful clinical context to guide early preventative care and interventions for patients presenting with hotspots."

APMA Grants Podimetrics Seal of Approval

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has awarded the Podimetrics RTM System its Seal of Approval. The APMA Seal of Approval Program recognizes products that have been found beneficial to foot health and of significant value when used in a consistently applied program of daily foot care and regular professional treatment. APMA has a long history of supporting preventive medicine and good foot health, and the Seal of Approval identifies products of exceptional quality that are manufactured with the consumer's comfort and safety in mind.

Poster on Podimetrics Study Wins 1st Place at Desert Foot

Dr. Jaminelli Banks is awarded first place in the resident category of the Desert Foot 2016 poster competition for her poster titled "A Remote Thermometric System for the Early Detection of Diabetic Foot Ulcerations". Dr. Banks and colleagues also present another poster at the conference, "Implementation of a Remote Temperature Monitor for the Prevention of Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Case Series of Two Patients".

Nature Biotechnology Article Highlights Podimetrics

Dr. Kvedar and colleagues examine the promise of digital health in a commentary article in the March 2016 edition of Nature Biotechnology. The article, "Digital medicine’s march on chronic disease", hypothesizes that continuous monitoring and personalized, low cost interventions may help ease the burden of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and its complications. The authors highlight the Podimetrics RTM System as a potential solution for early detection of diabetic foot ulcers, which they note is a major and costly complication of diabetes.

Podimetrics Poster Wins 3rd Place at DLS

A poster titled "An In-Home Telemedicine System to Detect Inflammation in Patients with a Recently-Closed Diabetic Foot Ulcer" is awarded third place in the 2016 Diabetic Limb Salvage poster competition. The poster details the effectiveness of the Podimetrics RTM System for patients who have recently healed from a previous wound. The authors conclude that "the Podimetrics Mat may be useful for identifying patients shortly after wound closure who are at risk of recurrence despite the presence of possible underlying inflammation that may be the result of the normal healing process."

Presentation at Desert Foot Features Podimetrics

Drs. Frykberg and Bloom present at the 2015 Desert Foot conference in a talk entitled "A Remote Thermometric System for the Early Detection of DFU". In the talk, the presenters discuss the rationale and supporting literature behind the use of dermal thermometry, describe the principal components of temperature guided avoidance therapy, and evaluate the efficacy of the Podimetrics Remote Temperature Monitoring System in addressing common challenges of implementing temperature guided avoidance therapy.