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Welcome to our patient resource library, a comprehensive online hub designed to provide you with valuable information and resources to support your health and journey with the Podimetrics SmartMat™ Program. Explore our vast collection of up-to-date blogs, brochures, videos and more.

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    "It's very reliable, and I depend on it because it can be life-saving"

    Meet Gary—a Vietnam Veteran, avid e-biker, and dedicated Podimetrics SmartMat™ user. Learn more about his story, and why he thinks the Podimetrics SmartMat Program is life-saving and limb-saving.


    SmartMat™ Instruction

    Everything you need to know when setting up and using your Podimetrics SmartMat.

    Patient Testimonial

    Learn how one user feels about being a part of the Podimetrics SmartMat Program.

    Support Team Testimonial

    Meet one of our Podimetrics Patient Support Team members, Mark K.

    SmartMat User Manual

    This comprehensive document contains all information regarding the SmartMat device including indications & contraindications, usage instructions, battery charging, troubleshooting, and more.

    Quick Start Guide

    Get to know the basics of your Podimetrics SmartMat with this short guide. Learn basic set-up, scanning and troubleshooting, as well as a device overview.

    Patient Information Guide

    Easy-to-read overview of the Podimetrics SmartMat Program and the value it brings to you or your loved one's health journey.

    Let's Start Scanning

    A helpful guide to kick-start your scanning routine. Also includes some helpful tips for using the SmartMat and taking care of your feet. 

    How To Scan Visual Guide

    Do's and Don'ts of scanning to help you make the most of your daily routine with the SmartMat.

    Foot Diagram

    Reference guide for patients and caregivers to help talk about yout foot anatomy. Also includes tips for healthy feet.

    Wound Progression Diagram

    Quick insight into how a diabetic foot wound can progress, as well as what it looks like when remote temperature monitoring disrupts the dangerous cycle.


    What does a foot ulcer look like?

    what does a foot ulcer look like?
    Every year, 2 million Americans face the daunting challenge of a diabetic foot ulcer...

    Navigating diabetic foot blisters

    diabetic foot blisters
    Diabetic foot blisters are a common foot problem among individuals with diabetes...

    Diabetic foot ulcers  & amputations

    Diabetic foot ulcers are the #1 cause for non-traumatic lower extremity amputations...


    Spring 2024

    Meet someoutstanding Patient Support Team members.

    Fall 2023

    Healthy Steps Fall 2023
    Discover a delightful fall recipe that is an absolute must-try. 

    Summer 2023

    Find tips to help you take care of your feet.